Salon Services 

At Moonlight Salon we have tiered service providers whos pricing reflects their experience within the industry and continued education and skill level. 

LV 2: Madi, Robyn, Morgan 

LV 3: Hannah + Vixai

LV 5: Jayden, Sara, Joni 

Cut + Style                                                     

Book with a color service to receive a discount on the haircut.

Haircut: For all new clients or existing clients 

going 10+ weeks between cuts. Includes a 

wash & finished style.

LV 2         LV 3      LV 5

$55            $60        $70

Maintenance Cut: For existing clients only. If 

booked within 9 weeks of your last service, and 

are maintaining your current style. If you are changing

your haircut to be 3"+ shorter please book a full haircut. 

LV 2         LV 3      LV 5

$45            $50        $60

Express Cut: This is for those who are looking for a

quick snip and go. Applicable to clipper cuts and

those whos length sit above their chin . This service includes a haircut and wash only. 

LV 2         LV 3      LV 5

$34            $38        $40

Wash + Style: Wash day got you down? We're here to help.

LV 2      LV 3      LV 5

$30         $35        $45

Dry Style: Come on in with clean dry hair and we'll add

the finishing touches for you. 

LV 2      LV 3      LV 5

$20         $25        $35

Bridal Hair: Here comes the bride with the most beautiful hair.

Includes trail run within 2 months of wedding date, plus style day of. 

LV 2          LV 3        LV 5

$90            $110        $150


Root Retouch: Single Process color 

touching up your root color. If it has been 12+   

weeks between your last color additional color

will be charged. Includes shine treatment and

finished style. 

LV 2         LV 3      LV 5

$90            $90        $100

Roots Express: We offer this service to our  

existing clients only. Come in for your root color

within 6 weeks of your last visit, rinse, 

and head on your way. This service does not include a 

shine treatment or any blow-drying. 

LV 2         LV 3      LV 5

$60            $60        $80


All Over Color: Single process color from

roots to ends. 

LV 2            LV 3        LV 5

$115            $115        $125

Shine Treatment: This is for anyone looking

to add shine + refresh the tone in-between 

highlight services. Includes wash and blow-dry.

LV 2         LV 3      LV 5

$57             $60         $80

Partial Foil: Standard foil technique adding 

color placed in foils along where you part your

hair/ front hairline. Includes shine treatment and finished style.

LV 2            LV 3        LV 5

$114            $120        $140

Full Foil: Standard foil technique adding 

color placed in foils throughout all of your hair.

Includes shine treatment  and finished style. 

LV 2            LV 3        LV 5

$143            $150        $180


Mini-lights: This service is perfect for those

who just want a few highlights. Includes no more

than 10 foils, a shine treatment and a blow dry.

LV 2          LV 3       LV 5

$85            $90        $100

Moonlights: This is where we have fun! A creative 

color placement just for you. This is for those looking

for a subtle change that doesn't fall in the traditional foil


LV 2         LV 3       LV 5

$143            $150        $180

Partial Balayage: Add some sunkissed vibes

with our partial balayage technique. This services

includes lightly balayaging pieces around the faces and

scattered throughout the hair.  

LV 2        LV 3        LV 5

$128        $135        $160

Full Balayage: This is for those looking to achieve having

their ends be fully lightened all throughout the hair.  

LV 2       LV 3         LV 5

$186        $195        $240

Add a root color to any highlight service:

LV 2         LV 3      LV 5

$29            $30        $40

Bleach & Tone: Solid blonde baby. This is for those 

who want to be an all over blonde achieved by applying 

Aveda's enlightener from roots to ends. This service includes  a  shine treatment, and a finished style.

LV 2         LV 3        LV 5

$171          $180        $220


Bleach and Tone Maintenance: For existing clients only. If its been 6 weeks or less between appointments receive a  reduced charge.

LV 2         LV 3         LV 5

$128          $135        $140

If you are in need of spa services such as facials/hair removal we highly recommend Beauty By Freyja, our in house licensed esthetician. You can call us directly to book or message Jacqui. 



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